First Sister Became Begum This Actress Unique Love Story With Shah Rukh-Salman

Sana Khan Anas Syed Love Story: Bollywood famous actress Sana Khan who has now said goodbye to the limelight today is her wedding anniversary. Sana bold style which was in the discussion about her love life once raised the temperature of the internet. But after marrying Maulvi Mufti Anas Syed she is now seen wrapped in a burqa. Although this is not a wrong thing but it is surprising why Sana who is considered to be a boldness icon finally left the glare of Bollywood and married Maulvi Anas Syed. Today we are going to tell you about Sana interesting love story.

Sana Khan love story with Melvin Louis has always been a topic of discussion. The actress is said to be in a relationship with dance choreographer Melvin Louis.However their relationship didnt last long and the two separated. Sana had accused Melvin of cheating on her. Sana had gone into depression after being cheated in love due to which she also tried to give her life.

Sana Khan who met true love in Mecca had been cheated in love before so she was broken from inside. In such a situation Sana met her true love i.e. Anas from Mecca in the year 2017.

Anas had fallen in love with Sana for the first time and had taken her number from a common friend. Anas messaged Sana but she didnt respond.

Anas was not considered a good man. Sana Khan herself revealed in an interview that she did not consider Sana a good person at first. Whenever she had some work with Anas she would unblock and talk to him then block again.

This continued till 2017. To make his place in Sana heart Anas took the help of Maulana and convinced Sana that he is a good person.

Anas prayed for Sana for 2 years (Sana Khan Anas Syed Love Story)
Anas who fell in love with Sana worshiped God for two years and confessed his love to her. When Maulana asked Anas to marry Sana Anas was shocked.

Anas sent the recording to Sana who replied with a smiling emoji. Finally Anas worship was completed and Anas and Sana got married in the year 2020.

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