Bigg Boss 17: Neil Bhatt gets angry on hearing Zoru Ka Ghulaam Aishwarya is happy

Bigg Boss 17: Bigg Boss season 17 is getting interesting by the day. On social media people are supporting their favourite contestants. The most controversial show of the small screen Bigg Boss 17 is seeing one twist after another which is also increasing the interest of people day by day. Meanwhile there was a sudden elimination from the show. Yes Naved Sol is out of the Bigg Boss house. Now the battle of Neel Bhatt and Khanjadi is going to be seen by the audience in which Aishwarya Sharma will enjoy the most.

Bigg Boss 17 new promo out! (Bigg Boss 17)

The new promo of Bigg Boss 17 has been released by Colors TV. Neil Bhatt is seen in a different avatar in the new promo. Although Aishwarya is often seen fighting with someone or the other in the Bigg Boss house this time Neil is also seen supporting her. Seeing Neil fighting Aishwarya Sharma screams to Bigg Boss that she has got her husband back.

Arguments with Neil and Aishwarya (Bigg Boss 17)

In the latest promo Neil and Aishwarya are seen arguing with Khanzadi and Isha is also very happy in their fight. In fact there is a fight between these three over coffee and milk and this time Neil is also arguing with Aishwarya along with Khanjadi and is also making fun of her makeup. Aishwarya refuses to let Khanzadi have coffee and milk in the kitchen area and Neil comes between them and they start shouting at Khanzadi.

Jorus slave (Bigg Boss 17)

Neil tells her that you are doing all this for the footage. Not only this Neil also comments on Khanzadis makeup and then says that dont do this nautanki in front of me. Seeing Neel fighting with himself for such Aishwarya Khanjadi calls him Zorus slave. Reacting to this Neil says that he does not care about all these things. Seeing this new avatar of Neil his fans are definitely going to be shocked because this different avatar of the always calm Neil is hardly going to be seen for the first time in the show.

Oh work... I don't eat... Vicky Jain in the Bigg Boss house