Beauty became trouble, used to go out wearing a burqa, became Salman’s stepmother after divorce from a 27-year-old man

Helen Birthday: Bollywood’s famous dancer Helen got the title of the first ‘item girl’. Helen, who once made people crazy with her smile and dance moves, has now taken a break from the limelight. But still people can’t stop shaking their legs on his songs. Today is the birthday of Helen, who set fire with her dance steps in the song ‘Laila Main Laila’. On her special day, we are going to tell you about the personal to professional life of the actress, which you may not even know.

From Burma to India (Helen Birthday)
Helen was born on 21 November 1938 in Burma. Her father died when she was young and her mother married a British man. Helen adopted her second father’s surname, Richardson. When Japan occupied Burma, Helen’s entire family left for Mumbai.

The journey from Burma to Mumbai was full of difficulties. There was neither food to eat, nor water to drink. The villagers on the way fed the hungry family.

How to appreciate the beauty of Helen. She was so beautiful that the onlookers could not take their eyes off her, blonde complexion, blonde hair. It broke people’s hearts. According to media reports, Helen used to wear a burqa before stepping out because people used to harass her because of her beauty. She was known for her beauty.

Helen’s mother worked as a nurse in Kolkata, where she met Kuku More, a background dancer in films. At the suggestion of Helen’s mother, Kuku got her a job as a chorus dancer. Helen carved a niche for herself as soon as she entered the industry.

She was a victim of domestic violence in a 5-year relationship a bold photoshoot caused a fuss!

But a big change came in Helen’s life when she married director PN Arora, 27 years older than her, at the age of 16. But the marriage didn’t last long and the couple got divorced.

Helen was the first item girl of the Hindi film industry. He created such a magic of his dance in more than 500 films that people went crazy. Her songs like ‘Laila Main Laila’, ‘Mera Naam Chin Chin Chu’, ‘Yamma Yamma’, ‘O Haseena Zulfon Wali’, ‘Monica, O My Darling’ are still on people’s lips.

Love re-enters married life (Helen Birthday)
Love once again entered Helen’s deserted life and in the year 1962, during the film ‘Kaabil Khan’, Helen met Salim Khan.

Salim Khan was already married, but seeing Helen’s beauty, he could not control his heart and fell madly in love. Although Salim was already the father of two children, his family later adopted Helen.